CSS driven or table coded ebay template

This is a common question asked by people who are purchasing templates. Often designers will show this as one of their features:

“Choose us, we offer CSS driven templates”

The difference is that one has been coded in tables, and one has been coded in CSS (cascading style sheet). Although this will not mean much to you, it does have a fairly large impact on loading times.

Most experienced designers are moving away from tables because of this, and also because tables make your source code look extremely cluttered and it makes them extremely hard to edit / add extra features at a later date.

You, as a customer / end user should be looking for CSS templates. These are generally the newer templates as tables are now a thing of the past (unless you actually want to display a table of data). If you purchase a template that has been coded with templates, the chances are that the source code will be much longer, and MUCH more confusing. CSS driven ebay templates however are organised and can often be changed very easily.

Tables are however much simpler and less time consuming for the designer; this is why there are still some tabled listings been created. Here at Mumbo Design we use CSS in all of our templates, so that they are much more user friendly and editable to your needs.

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