Adding a YouTube video to your ebay listing

Adding a YouTube video to your listing really is a simple task, and can rapidly increase your sales. Why have 100 pictures showing every angle of your product when you can just show it on a simple and short video? Why try and explain all the little scratches on your bodywork, when you can just go round the car with a video?

You don’t even have to use your own video; you can just find a video on YouTube of your product, maybe a trailer for a videogame, or an expert review on your product.

So, how do you go about using a YouTube video on your ebay listing? Well, YouTube have already done 99% of the work for you, by providing you with an embed code.

youtube embed pic

You can now choose the size you wish, and also the colour scheme, I would suggest not showing other relevant videos because this could distract them from buying from your listing.

Once you have chosen your correct colour scheme and other options, you need to copy the embed code (see highlighted text in picture above). When creating your ebay listing in the description box, you can click the HTML tab, in the HTML tab paste your embed code. You can now go back to the normal tab.

Now when you preview your listing, you should have a perfectly working YouTube video. However don’t rely just on the video, still write your text as if the video was not there, some users may choose not to view the other video, and it may not be possible for some users, such as un-compatible browsers or people using mobile broadband.

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